Using Data To Promote Internet Speed Needs

Aug 02, 2017

Jonathan Graham

Since living and working in rural Appalachia, I frequently hear about the issues related to slow and unreliable internet connection. In some areas there really is no or limited access, whilst in others there are providers that claim to offer good service, but complaints keep coming. So, what is the situation?

In order to gather data to help decision makers focus their efforts, we have built a web app,, to capture the internet speed of users. We require user login to prevent automated use of the speed test, and have included a brief survey to capture relevant information that could benefit policy makers. The speed test utilizes the speed test behind the scenes, and users can submit their results to our database.

We hope data-driven decision making can help bring fast and reliable internet access to all. Please spread the word about this work, and help our communities to gain the technology they require to power the future.

If you see the value in please consider supporting us to help fund the development and maintainance costs. If you are interested in accessing the data, then please contact us.