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Experienced software or business dev? If you'd like to put your energy, skills, and passion into really make a difference in the industry then we'd love to have a conversation with you! Get in touch to see how you could be a part of the Mined Minds mission.

Interested in starting a career in the technology industry? We offer free training in the foundations of software development for eligible residents in West Virginia. Read on to find out how to apply.

Funded by the Appalchian Regional Committee (ARC) ARCODE grant, awarded to Southwest Corner Workforce Development Board, Mined Minds is offering a free 32-week training program in the fundamentals of software development.

Training is project based and hands-on from day one. As well as technical skills in Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, and more, you will learn and apply industry best practices. These include version control, pair and mob programming, test-driven development, and agile development.

Training is currently underway in Clendenin WV and Beckley WV, with additional sites to come. No prior coding experience is required, and we have trained people aged from 16 to 60+.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"I didn't realise my experience as a coal miner would help me with code, but it does. It's all about solving problems and working as a team - everything I was doing underground, but now in the warm and in a career that will last."
- Marv, Software Consultant at Mined Minds
"I was never any good at math and have always been a caregiver, so I assumed I wouldn't be able to be a programmer. I only joined the bootcamp to support my daughter, but then I got hooked!"
- Heather, Software Consultant at Mined Minds
"Working in the mine I got paid from the neck down; now I get paid for my mind! Life as a coder is so much better than life as a miner."
- Josh, Software Consultant at Mined Minds
"...a unique blend of in-class training, peer-pairing, and most importantly hands on experience with real-world projects/apps. It wasn’t easy, but it has enabled me to change careers!"
- John, Mined Minds Alumni
"One week after the devastating flood in WV where we lost a vehicle and my wife narrowly escaped the torrential water, I learned that my contract was not being renewed with the state of WV. We were out a car and I was unemployed. Mined Minds has provided my with the opportunity of a lifetime!"
- Jeremy, Software Consultant at Mined Minds
"I could barely get to a website, let alone build one"
- Marv, Software Consultant at Mined Minds (CNN, April 16, 2016)
"…companies thinking of outsourcing work to India or Ukraine will see the benefit of using coders in Pennsylvania and West Virginia"
- Ed Crooks, FT Editor (Financial Times, Mar 29, 2017)


There are three stages in the application process:

  1. Register interest below.
  2. Phone interview: this is a two way process, so that we can get to know you, and you get the chance to ask us about the program and a future in the tech industy.
  3. Complete a coding challenge. Don't worry if you have never written a line of code before; you'll get all the resources you need to complete it from scratch.

Before registering interest, please download Booeys game on your phone, and complete as many levels as you can. The game exposes players to five aptitudes critical to technical careers. You are not required to complete all levels, and you will be asked your thoughts on the game during the interview process.


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