Feel confident, and work with technologists in Appalachia to develop software that gets your idea into your customers’ hands.


Whatever your software needs, a Mined Minds team can help you to achieve your software development goals. Partnering with us, you'll get leading edge technology solutions using agile development practices.

With offices in Chicago and West Virginia, you get local convenience at offshore rates.


Mined Minds can help you turn your ideas into reality. From project inception through to public release, you will be completely supported as you build the initial Minimum Viable Product. With feedback from your users, we'll continue the journey together as you iteratively improve and expand your product.

If you have an idea, let us turn that into a reality!


We bring many years of experience working with technology teams, both in startups and enterprise organizations. Crucial to delivery is both team flow and dynamics, as well as their collective technical ability. We can help with both.

Through workshops and individual / team coaching, Mined Minds can help you and your teams to deliver and enjoy more.

What Other People Say

"the quality of the output is higher than I’ve ever been able to get from offshore resources."
- James Rooney, President of Waylon Industries
"…companies thinking of outsourcing work to India or Ukraine will see the benefit of using [Mined Minds] coders in Pennsylvania and West Virginia"
- Ed Crooks, Financial Times
"It’s important to support companies that do great things, and the work meets the quality we expect from our own developers"
- David Pollak, VP Engineering at Kiva.org